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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 6 of recovery post thyroidectomy

Here I am at 6 days post thryoidectomy.  To tell the truth, I am having a hard time trying to think of something to write about today, but I wanted to assure everyone that I am still doing fine.  I am, doing fine, that is.  Although my soft palate is still sore and I am still on a bland liquid diet, it is not as bad as yesterday. My neck incision is still dry and clean with minimal swelling and I am counting down the days until the steri-strips come off (4 days and counting...).  I am past the half-way point with the steri-strips.  Yeah!!  I still have enough energy to get through the day without napping and am not feeling tired after I walk. 

Today I did note that I lost some eyebrow hair along with the hair on my head.  I know that this can be a symptom of unbalanced thyroid levels but, as I am not noticing any other symptoms, I am going to chalk it up to normal. 

It is a dark day outside today the sky is gray and dreary.  The air feels cold and heavy and I have always been prone to mood swings based on the weather.  Still I don't feel sad or stressed at all, just quiet and introspective.  I feel like I'd like to curl up with a good book or good movies for the whole day.  I won't though, because I don't want to be the object at rest that stays at rest.  I will do chores, go for a walk, pick the kids up from school and look forward to the day when I can actually run and work-out again!

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  1. Hi friend,

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