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Monday, March 14, 2011

So, for the next few months I don’t think about much else besides my crazy multi-nodular goiter.  It isn’t huge to look at, but it does choke me.  I can put up with that, but what if it is cancer?  What if it gets larger and I can’t eat?  What if I can’t breathe?  I ask all of my friends what they would do?  I discuss this with my husband to no end.  I make an appointment with my GP.  She says that the endocrinologist and the surgeon know better.  I believe her but still want her opinion.  She says that the surgery isn’t a big deal and that if the specialists are recommending that it be removed, I should listen to them.  If I was asking her if I should have a corn removed she would urge me to think more of it, as the recovery from that can be worse but usually recovery from a thyroidectomy goes very smoothly.  She says to discuss it with my family…huh?  I mean I have spoken with them, but they don’t have medical backgrounds.  Why can’t she answer my questions?  *sigh*

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