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Monday, March 28, 2011

One day post-op

The day after surgery I was still in the hospital.  My vitals and calcium were monitored regularly and I was allowed out of bed.  The first time that I got out my blood pressure plummeted again but eventually it returned to normal.  There was also some concern about my temperature but I think it was because I wasn't taking the Tylenol 3.  I felt as though there was something stuck in my throat but couldn't dislodge it. The nurses thought that maybe it was the drains but when the drains were removed there wasn't any relief.  I later discovered that my uvula was stretched and inflamed from the ET tube and this made swallowing quite difficult.  The nurses gave me a tool to breath in to help re-inflate my lungs.  I was to breathe in it 15 times every 15 minutes.  My final blood test for calcium was taken that evening and when it came back normal I was discharged and sent home to sleep in my own bed.

I did take a Tylenol 3 at bedtime but was still awake every 2 hours.  I felt as though my uvula was choking me but found that if I lay on my side it helped some.  By morning I was feeling much better and couldn't believe that I would need 2 weeks off of work.  I started Cytomel and continued with my liquid diet (due to that irritated uvula). 

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