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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Good morning,
Yesterday went quite well.  I am continuing to rest but am also continuing on with my day and walked for 1/2 hour.  Although it is hard to say for sure, my energy level seems pretty good.  I haven't put it to the test with a full day's work though.  I didn't nap yesterday and only woke up a couple of times through the night last night.  My incision line is covered in steri-strips but seems to be ok and is not very painful.  My house is neat and tidy, the kids are fed and clean and the I am on top of the laundry.   The house is definitely in better shape then when I am working full time :)  I haven't had any weight gain and overall I am feeling pretty good.

The only problem I am is having is the pain in my mouth.  My soft palate has been really sore since I woke up in recovery.  I have been eating mostly a liquid diet this whole time.  It is getting a little boring and so last night I thought that once again I would try something solid and now my soft palate is ON FIRE!!!!  I know it is likely my fault but I can't wait to be able to eat real food.  Television shows and especially commercials are torture to watch, not to mention all the food that my family is eating in front of me.  Today is the worse day of pain in my mouth during this whole recovery process.  I am hoping that it is the storm before the calm....You know, that it has to get worse before it gets better.  Regardless I have promised myself no talking for the next two days and NOTHING BUT BLAND LIQUID until my mouth is feeling much better!!!  If it is not feeling any better tomorrow I will call the Surgeon.  I am also gargling with salt water after I eat and still drinking plenty of ice water.  So, please take it from me, if the your soft palate/uvula is painful after surgery please DO NOT eat anything solid until it is feeling much better. 

Despite this, I feel that I am doing well and I am sure that with time this pain will subside as well and before you know it I will be able to eat real food again.  I can't wait!  Maybe I can convince my husband to take me to a nice restaurant once I am feeling better. 

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