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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Multinodular Goiter

The endocrinologist was very nice and professional, and explained all of the things I had researched.  She told me that she didn’t feel that my exposure to radiation should be a concern but still she wanted a second ultrasound and a biopsy.  I knew that this was coming but the idea of someone sticking a needle in my neck didn’t sit so well with me.  A needle in my arm was bad enough, but a needle in my neck….it just didn’t seem right.  She felt my neck expertly and explained that the risk of cancer was low but that I had to have it ruled out.  She also ordered more blood tests just to be sure that all of my levels really were normal.  I would definitely be surprised if they weren’t normal, after all of the times I have had them tested. 

I went for the second ultrasound…similar scenario as last time with me trying to see the screen and feeling that choking sensation from the position of my neck along with the probe pressing on my enlarged thyroid gland.  After some time, the radiologist himself showed up with a needle to obtain the biopsy.  My neck was cleaned and prepped and they actually stuck that thing right into my neck.  Boy, was I glad when it was over.  I wasn’t so worried about the waiting this time, just relieved that the needle was out of my neck.  

Flash forward about a week or so, I am home cleaning my house on a Sunday afternoon when the phone rings and it’s my endocrinologist….. On a Sunday!  She states that the test results indicate a benign multi nodular goiter (whew).   Despite the fact that it is benign she still recommends that it be removed surgically, due to the compressive symptoms that I have described.  She recommends surgical excision and has an appointment booked with the surgeon for the next day.  OK…wait a minute.  If this is benign, what is the rush to see the surgeon?  She explains that he is difficult to get an appointment with so she doesn’t want me to miss this one.  I accept her explanation; while in the meantime, my head is questioning the urgency and going off on all tangents at once.  

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