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Monday, March 28, 2011

Incision 2 days post-op

The following day after surgery.  I was feeling quite well besides a sore throat and some neck pain.  I even went for a short walk with my son and was doing light house chores.  My husband told me that I should relax, but I told him that I wasn't quite sure how to do that.   I wanted to spend some time watching a movie with my family but they were all busy with their own things.  I watched some TV as my kids went to friends.  I have been so lucky to have so much support in the form of people wathcing the kids, bringing us food and sending well wishes.  I really think that this has helped me to feel so much better so soon. 

I have still been eating a liquid diet and have found that ice water has made a huge difference.  I always have a glass nearby and am constantly filling it with ice.  (*tip*)

Family wanted to come visit us in the afternoon so I took a nap so I would be ready. Still when they came I didn't expect to be tired so soon.  When they left I was ready for bed again.  I was able to relax with the kids and help get them ready for school the next day before I finally fell asleep exhausted.  

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