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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Five days and counting..

Less than a week before my surgery date and I am getting nervous (Ok, I admit I've been nervous all along). 

I still haven't received a pre-op package but the endocrinologists office was VERY helpful, where the surgeon's office was not.  The receptionist at my endocrinologist's.  Phoned, faxed and went to the hopsital on her lunch hour to lobby for me.  So now, although I don't have a pre-admit package, I do have an appointment at the hospital for pre-admit.  Sometimes I think that all of these road blocks are signs that I shouldn't go ahead with the surgery, but I know that's just supertition or else, me trying to justify cancelling  :) 

I have e-mailed my family and close friends to let them all know the date and have asked for their prayers and support so now I plan to go about my regular business until the time of surgery.....

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