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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Singing After Thyroidectomy

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me.  I had some errands to run and met a friend for lunch.  I was able to enjoy some time in the mall without the kids or a time limit and forgot how much I enjoyed shopping (even if I don't buy anything).  I also had a volunteer job in the evening.  I seemed to have the energy to do all of this but this morning I found it difficult to get out of bed.  I feel tired today, but not exhausted.  I plan to take it easy.  I have a sick kid home today as well so maybe we will spend the day watching movies together :) 

Although I seem to be able to talk normally, I have noted that I can't sing as well, especially in the upper ranges.  I mentioned this my surgeon when I saw him earlier this week.  He took a look at my vocal cords and noted that my left cord is slightly paralyzed.  He said that it was likely stretched during the procedure but that it should resolve with time.  I guess I won't be recording any records in the near future - haha. 

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