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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Going back to work after thyroidectomy

Yesterday I reached another milestone in this journey as I headed back to work for the first time in over 2 weeks.   I have been home for 2 weeks after my thyroidectomy surgery, relaxing and recovering.  I have had a stress free 2 weeks and yesterday was the first day that I was back in the full swing of things.  Would I have enough energy?  Would the workplace stress get to me?  How was I going to deal with the first day back and all the subsequent days after that? 

It was a long day and I was tired at the end of it but I think that the hardest part was the change in my morning routine.  I used to get myself and the kids ready for work in about 45 minutes and I always prepared breakfast first.  I need to eat or I get headaches and so I have always eaten breakfasft dierctly after getting out of bed.  Although I haven't found any information that says that Cytomel should be taken on an empty stomach, I do know that Synthroid will work best if taken upon rising and one hour after breakfast.  Instead of waiting for the Synthroid (I know that I will eventually be taking it), I have decided to change my routine now to be able to take the meds on an empty stomach.  I am getting up about an hour earlier to take the medication before breakfast.  Now if only I could find an hour at night to get to bed an hour earlier :)

I carried off the new routine without a hitch yesterday and wasn't even rushing to get the kids to school on time.  Maybe this routine will work out better....  Then I drove into work, expecting things to be different.  I mean I felt different.  I feel lighter, healthier, less stressed.  A whole 2 weeks have gone by shouldn't it be different?  The staff greeted me and brought me up to speed, but otherwise everything was pretty much the same as I left it.  The morning schedule was light and so I was able to catch up and do some light work.  At lunchtime I returned to my regular walking routine with a colleague and then the afternoon arrived.  It was a busy afternoon.  When I saw the schedule in the morning I was concerned about the packed afternoon schedule but it worked out well.  There wasn't anything that I couldn't handle and in fact the afternoon passed by quickly and without stress.  Before I knew it the day was finished and I was back home.  I was tired but not exhausted.  I didn't allow the stress of others to get to me, and here I am ready to start all over again today.  My goal is to feel just as good by the end of the week!

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