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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Diagnosis: Benign Multinodular Goiter! No Cancer!

I have been very busy getting back into my hectic routine and so have neglected this blog.  So sorry to anyone who has been following. 

Last week I did see my endocrinologist and she told me that all of the masses were benign and she started me on Synthroid.  I am starting on 125mcg a day.  I told her that I was concerned that the synthroid wouldn't be active until weeks after the cytomel was out of my system.  She told me that wouldn't be the case, but with my knowledge of pharmacolgy I'm not so sure and I still worry about becoming hypothryoid.  It has been a week now since I started the Synthroid and I can't say that I'm experiencing hypo symptoms.  Sure, I'm tired but who wouldn't be in my situation.  I am working mother, wife, daughter, friend and volunteer.  Life is insane sometimes and of course I get tired after working long hours and then coming home to work again until bedtime.  So life goes on and so far I don't feel a whole lot different then I did before the surgery.  If only I could pick up my motivation to be a bit more active.....

Today I went to the surgeon again and my vocal cord is still paralyzed on the left but he's still optimistic that it will recover.  I will need to return again in 2 months and in the meantime I will only sing while driving alone in my car where no one can hear me :) 

I managed to get a copy of my pathology report from my endocrinologist but it was only the gross pathology (what can be seen without a microscope).  I asked the surgeon why there wasn't a histopathological report (where the cells are described).  He told me there was but that he couldn't print it today.  I wonder why she didn't give me that part.  I will ask specifically at my next visit. 

I have posted a picture of my scar last week (3 weeks post-op) and today  (4 weeks post-op).

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