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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The official part of my recovery is drawing to a close.  Tomorrow I head back to work, back to my normal routine, back to the grind as they say.  I will work a 10 hour day in a stressful environment and return to a family who will still need me as well.  I will return late to a house that needs cleaning, lunches that need making and laundry that needs doing.  I will remember that this is my life; and life will continue on just as it always has.  It has been nice to have these past two weeks off, regardless that it has been for recovery.  Although I am physically ready to return to work I would love to have a little bit more time at this relaxed pace.  I don't remember feeling this good and healthy.  I feel normal and have had very little stress.  Something tells me that this is how life should be.  I am hoping that at least some of this new found peace has to do with the removal of a sick gland and that I will feel just as well when I return to work.  I am going to keep a positive attitude that this is the case. 

Although my official recovery is drawing to an end.  I know that I actually still have more recovery ahead of me.  I can see it in the lines in my neck; hear it in the volume and pitch of my voice; and feel it in the lump in my throat.  I will also still need to have my medication regulated and will have to take this medication every day for the rest of my life.  Still, I believe that the worse is over and I can leave behind the chapter of anxiety and stress caused by making this decision.  I know that it was the right one and that in the end I will be better for it. 

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  1. ℓ̊ am happy reading this post. ℓ̊ am exactly 10 days post-op and ℓ̊ have area above my scar is swollen and my throat feels tight.ℓ̊ also had the Surgery because of a benign mutlinodular goitre, which occurred after a partial thyroidectomy ℓ̊ had 6years ago. The scar ℓ̊ have now is a little more visible then the previous scar. ℓ̊ was wondering if you massaged anything into the scar to get it look thinner or to stop the tight feeling on your neck. ℓ̊ really hate the tight feeling and like you ℓ̊ keep wondering if the decision of having a total thyroidectomy is actually the best, considering the fact that my second goitre was not so visible, only it was causing a tracheal deviation. Please what helped you with the post-op tight neck feeling?