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Monday, April 4, 2011

No Pathology Report - yet!

I was so anxious waiting for today to be able to finally get the pathology report and put an end to the questions racing through my mind.  So, I tried to pre-occupy myself this morning and didn't blog on purpose so that I would have some news to tell when I did.  Well, here is my news; no pathology report.....aggh!!  Now I have to wait another 2 weeks for a second follow-up appointment at which time I will finally get the results!  I know this isn't really terrible news.  I know that I will eventually get the report.... It is just the waiting and not knowing that always seems to be the worst.  Maybe I should go by the old adage that "no news is good news" . 

At least I got the steri-strips off today.  Later I will post pics of what the incision looks like without the strips.  The incision is barely visible even after such a short time but the area where my thyroid used to sit is quite swollen.  It looks like they put something in there, rather than take something out  :)  I tried to clean some of  the glue from the tape off but it is still a little tender so I will wait and soak it well in the shower. 

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