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Monday, April 4, 2011

Watching my weight post thyroidectomy

I am feeling quite well today besides the lack of pathology report. I spent the weekend with friends and family and a had a good time. I seemed to have a good deal of energy and was able to carry on with normal activities. I know that I shouldn't watch the scale but I do. I have read about a lot of people who are concerned about weight gain post thyroidectomy. I want this blog to help someone; to hopefully help overcome any anxiety they may have about this procedure, and so I wanted to be sure to track my weight as well.

I had lost quite a large amount of weight after the surgery.  I wasn't able to eat much when my mouth was sore and so I think I made up for it this weekend when I was able to eat whatever I wanted.  Now I am back on track with eating a healthy diet and watching my calories (as I was doing prior to surgery). 

So from the date of the surgery I lost a whopping 8 pounds (not healthy) and as of today I have gained 2 pounds of that back.  For any of you who are concerned about the change you may experience in your weight after surgery that is a net loss of 6 pounds.  I know that everyone is different and I don't know what will happen as the weeks continue on and turn into months, but I will keep you updated on my personal journey. 

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  1. I can speculate that your weight loss may be attributed to Cytomel (some desperate weight losers were trying to obtain Cytomel and use it to the weight loss drug!).
    The delay in pathology report may be attributed to the large size and number of nodules oin your thyroid the lab should look at.
    Best wishes!