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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weight Gain Post Thyroidectomy

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I thought that I should update anyone who may have read the majority of my posts.  I still think that I did the right thing by having my thyroid gland removed. My scar is barely visible.
 I can swallow and don’t choke anymore.  I also think that I have less respiratory infections and definitely less coughing fits.  I am, however struggling with my weight.  I can count every calorie and keep them to a minimum.  I hired a personal trainer and worked out as hard as I could (Which seems to be less now as my energy is slightly decreased), but weight will not budge.  It is definitely frustrating.  My GP says maybe it’s menopause and refused to think that it might be because of my thyroid.  After all my thyroid blood values were within normal limits.  So I struggled on, then became frustrated and now find it hard to be motivated to try.  
Thyroidectomy scar 2 1/2 years later.  

Recently my thyroid levels were found to be low.  I was so happy.  I know that I shouldn’t be happy that they are low but I felt that I had a reason for my bloating and decreased energy.  Maybe I would lose weight when my dose went up.  Maybe I would just feel better.  

My doctor increased my dose for 2 months and after about 1 month I was feeling so much better.  I had an increase in my energy level.  I could get out of bed in the morning.  I wasn’t craving sugar.  I had the energy to go for a long walk.  I had hope!  

Then I had my blood levels checked again and my TSH was low.  Yuck!!  My dose was dropped again and now 2 weeks in I can already feel a difference.  I am starting to crave sugar again, I have a bit of brain fog, but perhaps that’s the sugar.   I will wait and see what my levels are then and get back to all of you with the results.  Perhaps I will have to start a weight loss blog as well.  


  1. Thanks for an update!
    What hormone was lowT3 or T4?
    I could speculate that you may have T4 to T3 conversion difficulties but sometimes even changing the brand of T4 medicine could do the trick!.
    I could not find your scar!

  2. Please keep adding more updates to your blog. Your blog has been very helpful and encouraging .. I am 2 weeks post thyroidectimy because of multinodular goiter. Still no pathology report
    Even I had a huge goiter. One 4.5cm and two smaller nodules.
    Keeping fingers crossed for pathology report.

  3. Everyone's "normal" levels are different! If you feel better even tho your doctor says you levels are not I would suggest that you stay at the dose you feel good at! if he disagrees find a new doc!

  4. i know some people who have had great success post thyoidectomy with going grain free..and sugar and caffiene's a bit tough at first but seems to work wonders with weight loss.