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Monday, October 22, 2012

Update 19 Months Post Thyroidectomy

Well, It's been over a year since I last wrote anything here.  I guess an update is well overdue.  I have been overwhelmed by the number of hits to this blog.  I only anticipated that I might reach a few people and help them through the decision I had such a difficult time making.  There have been so many more hits than I expected and so you really all do deserve an update.

Not too much has changed in my daily routine.  Most of the time I remember to take my thyroid medication early in the morning.  I wake up take the pill and go back to sleep for 2-3 more hours.  I don't eat dairy or other foods high in minerals in the morning and I take any mineral supplements such as Calcium and Magnesium at dinner.  Sometimes I miss my yogurt or protein shakes for breakfast but otherwise I am managing well.

It has been almost 19 months since my surgery.  In many ways I feel much better than I ever have.  I no longer feel like I am choking and I haven't had a bad cold since the surgery ("knock on wood").  My energy level has been much more consistent.  I am not falling asleep during the day and I don't have (much) trouble getting up in the mornings as I used to to.  Neither am I full of energy for a few days, only to crash and burn with zero energy at the end.  My appetite is also more stable.  I don't have a great appetite but neither do I feel full all of the time.  I feel as though I am on a much more even keel.

I have however gained weight.  I know that all of the doctors and scientists and everyone else tells me that losing my thyroid should have nothing to do with this as long as my blood thyroid levels are within the normal ranges.  I have gained a significant amount of weight in the past year.  I have discussed this with my doctor.  We discussed calories consumed vs calories burned.  At that time, I was mildly active and only eating 1200 calories per day.  She suggested that it might be menopause and that I needed to increase my metabolism with more exercise.  So 3 months ago I hired a personal trainer and I am working very hard.  I have not lost a pound,  but neither have I gained, so I count that as some kind of success.  I am due to return for an annual visit to my GP soon and once again I will discuss this with her.  However, although I feel better I am concerned about how the weight gain will affect my health and so if she is not as concerned, I will consider looking for another Dr. or perhaps consulting a Naturopath.

Here is my scar today - Almost 19 months post-op.  

Still, all in all, if you asked me today if I would do it all over again, I can honestly say that I would.


  1. you should try taking your pill at night. I had a total thyroidectomy in 2005. Everyone told me to take pill in morning. It did not work well for me. I am a breakfast eater. I hated having to wait and then being careful about multi vitamins, etc. I started taking my pill at night. I am on 175 currently. i do not have any problems with it keeping me awake. There are even new studies suggesting that if you take the pill at night, you will absorb more of it.

    Also, what it "normal range" for you? Make sure you stay in the 1-2 range. Have your vitamin D levels looked at, too. Studies show that people with hypo have far less D and usually need to supplement 2,000-5,000mg daily.

    Good luck.

  2. Just found your blog. Contemplating a TT surgery for the same reason..multinodular goiters. I have become au clinically hyperthyroid as well due to the nodules. Thank you for sharing your story. How are you doing now? Did your weight issue ever get resolved? Best of luck to you!!

  3. No double chin please:)