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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hyperthyroid after Thyroidectomy

Today I saw my endocrinologist and as I suspected I am slightly hyperthyroid. I am a little disappointed because I have never felt better. I am also a little discouraged that she didn't ask much about my symptoms. However, she did state that there were two doses we could try next but as I am feeling so well she went with the higher dose. I will now take 112ug of Synthroid instead of 125ug. I will continue to post about how I feel on this new dose and hope that it doesn't make much of a difference in how I feel.

I thought I may be hyper as I have never had so much energy. I was also eating more than usual and my weight had stabilized 6 pounds less than before surgery. I also was staying up later at night without feeling tired. The good things have been how stable my moods are and how clear my brain feels. I really hope that these last two things don't change.

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  1. I'm very grateful to have stumbled across your blog - while not yet having had the chance to read all of your posts, I'm encouraged by the ones I did read. I'm 42 and 6 days post-op.

    Thanks for sharing your personal journey!