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Friday, May 20, 2011

Scar - 8 weeks post thyroidectomy


  1. Your scar looks like it's healing well. I found your blog through google images of thyroidectomy scars and wish I had found it before I had my total thyroidectomy last week. Best of luck to you in your healing process. :)

  2. Hi Chris,
    How are you feeling now? I'm glad that you found my blog and hope that it's helped in some aspect.
    Thanks so much for the luck. I am feeling great at this point.

  3. Hello. I am having a thyroidectomy in three days. Yes, I am nervous because, like you, all I read are very negative issues after the surgery. You are really the first one that I have read that is on a positive note. My only concern is that the Parathyroid glands won't get affected. That presents a whole list of issues including low calcium. Please can you write me bank and tell me what you think? The surgeon who is performing the surgery is a General Surgeon, not a surgeon who ONLY performs thyroid surgery.

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    I know how nervous you must feel. I was really nervous about low calcium levels as well. Fortunately my calcium levels were fine the whole time. Just because your surgeon doesn't perform ONLY Thyroidectomies doesn't mean that he/she isn't very good at them. Be sure that they are measuring your calcium after surgery. That way if your levels are low they can give you medication to supplement.

    I wish you luck and will send good thoughts and prayers your way. Please keep me posted on your recovery.